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01 July - 20 September 2010
Stroganov Palace

The exposition includes 60 works by the outstanding Georgian artist Lado Gudiashvili. Exhibition is devoted to the early period of his artistic way. In the 1920’s the artist created the series of the significant paintings and graphic works that gives the opportunity to characterize him as the striking distinctive master, who made a great contribution to recovery of the national traditions of the Georgian art. The most part of the presented works was created in Paris, where Gudiashvili worked from 1920 to 1925. This time the numerous genre and portrait sketches were created. Paintings that are distinguished by the terseness and fineness of drawing manner immediately attracted the attention of the art critics and collectors. Using in his works the plastic discoveries of the expressionism and cubism, Gudiashvili invariably kept the fidelity to the Georgian national tradition and to the national types. This could be confirmed by the paintings “Youth with Fallow-deer”, “ Head of a Warrior”, “Georgian Landscape”, “Bather in the Forest”. Also there are presented the graphic works by Lado Gudiashvili, created after the returning to Georgia and finding the continuity of his “Paris years” art.

The exhibition is supported by Iveta and Tamaz Manasherov (Moscow), Cultural Beneficent Foundation “U-АRT: You and Art”, group of companies “UNIDENT”, and Group of companies “DRC”.