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04 September - 26 September 2010
Marble Palace

The main idea of the “Divine Wind” exhibition by the “Tanatos Banionis” project is the reflection of the phenomenon of the Japanese kamikaze flyers on the language of tattoo. The word “kamikaze” that doesn’t need translation is not only the linguist norm for all the languages of the planet, but also the singular metaphor of the idea of the regeneration of a Temporary Man into an Eternal Man. That is why the organizers and participants of the “Tanatos Banionis” project used the images of the Japanese history and culture as the singular practical instrument. Five girls – participants of this project may be regarded as the singular kamikaze. They had made their choice in favour of the tattoo art, where the images of Japanese flyers, hieroglyphs and the iconography elements of the national Japanese culture are combined.

The “Divine Wind” exhibition presents 5 frescoes, 3 panels on silk, five-doors screen with the 3D format engravings, 22 photos, the video in two parts – “Techniquecolour” and “Engraving” and the video with the history of the “Tanatos Banionis” project.