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  • The invasion of Allied Forces in Normandy : 1944
  • Joseph Beyrle’s hat
  • Joseph Beyrle’s waistcoat
  • Joseph Beyrle, his mother, Elizabeth Beyrle and father, William Beyrle
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18 February - 19 April 2010
Stroganov Palace

The exhibition tells the unbelievable story of the only American man of airborne troops Joseph Beyrle, who fighted against Nazism both in the Russian and in the American army. It is devoted to the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War and organized in collaboration with Foundation for international Arts and Education (USA). The exposition contains 260 exhibits: the Beyrle family' photos, school photos of Joseph Beyrle, basketball clothes of the "St. Joseph High school" he went to. The first part of the exposition tells the wartime biography of Joseph Beyrle and shows the uniform and military insignies of the men of airborne troops in 1940s, the articles from the German newspapers, that could sometimes read the prisoners of war in the German cages, the copy of the Klostirnsky place of arms map, that Joseph Beyrle fighted for, "Expected information about the operations Joseph Beyrle took part at", put together by the Russian non-government organization of the veterans "Combat brotherhood", the article from the newspaper "The sergeant Beyrle restores after death".
The exhibitions contains also 8 artworks of the Russian artists and the model of the American tank, made by the saint-petersburg master W. Grigoriev-Bashun. In the halls is demonstrated the film about the life of Joseph Beyrle and 3 documental films about the WWII.
The State Russian museum thanks for organization help the «Blavatnik Family Foundation", Central museum of the Great Patriotic War on the Poklonnaya gora (Moscow) and the "Republican multimedia center" (Moscow) for the creation of the interactive multimedia project for the exhibition.