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ISAAC LEVITAN (1860-1900)

  • The Steppe. 1899–1900. Sketch. Pastel on canvas. 55.5x68.
  • Tempestuous Day. 1897. Oil on canvas. 82x86.5.
  • The Twilight. Moon. 1899. Oil on canvas. 49.5x61.3.
  • The Moony Night. 1897–1898. Oil on canvas.  83x87.
  • Early Spring. 1898. Oil on canvas. 41.5x66.3.
  • March. 1895. Oil on canvas. 60x75.
  • The Valley of River. Autumn. Sketch. 1896. Pastel on paper. 52x67.
  • In the North. 1896. Oil on canvas. 106.9x77.
  • Near the Lake. 1890’s. Oil on cardboard. 16.7x24.6.
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15 April - 14 July 2010
Benois Wing

Exhibition of art works by Isaak Levitan, devoted to the painter's 150th anniversary, is the continuation of the series of the State Russian Museum's expositions, of the leading Russian landscape masters. For the first time there is represented the whole collection of Levitan's landscapes from the Russian Museum and also his famous works from the Tretyakov Gallery and the Isaak I. Brodski Apartment-Museum. The exposition includes about 100 pictures and graphic works and reflects entirely the basic stages of the painter's creative oeuvre.
The penetrating depiction of the Russian nature, the refined feeling of the colour and tone that allows to catch and reproduce the emotional condition of the natural sigh - all this made him a founder of the so-called landscape of spirits. Already the early pictures, created at the beginning of the 1880's, entirely revealed itself Levitan's outstanding picturesque talent, able to make the simple landscape to be consonant to the spirits and feelings of the artist and viewer.
In the 1880-1890's together with the landscapes having the lyrical, chamber character Levitan created the canvases, where the image of Russian nature found the epical sonority, testifying to the painter's leaning towards more deep and scale, philosophic comprehension of the world («Vladimirka», «Over the Eternal Stillness», «A Lake»). In the last years of the life Levitan gave the close attention to the picturesque discoveries of the impressionism and the Modern style. That was reflected in some of his works, created in the second half of the 1890's. From this point of view Levitan may be considered as a painter, who outlined the new ways of development of the landscape in the Russian art. However, in the most part of works the great thing for the artist was the persuasiveness and reliability in the depiction of the landscape sight that conveys its inimitable poetry, The strong connection of Levitan's artistic searches with the traditions of the Russian realistic landscape of the second half of the XIX сentury was found itself in his creative oeuvre.

The sponsor of the exibition is the VTB Bank.