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  • Portrait of the Princess Sofia Gagarina, the Painter’s Wife (the Tsar’s Wells near Tiflis). 1849. Watercolours and graphite pencil on paper. 22.8 х 28.2
  • The Portrait of the Young Turkish. The second half of the 1830’s – 1840’s. (Not accomplished). Oil on canvas. 94 х 76.5
  • Caravan-Serai in Erevan. Between 1840 and 1847. Oil on cardboard. 40 х 30
  • the Damage of Tarantas. The beginning of 1840’s. Watercolours and gouache on yellow paper. 21.5 х 28
  • Gambours. The Road between Tiflis and Telav. 1840. Watercolours and gouache on paper. 20.8 х 29.1
  • The Mirror Hall in the Sardar’s Palace in Erivan. Between 1840 and 1847. Watercolours and bronze colour on paper. 29.5 х 38.3
  • The Harem. 1835–1836. Watercolours, graphite pencil and lacquer on paper. 27.6 х 31.5
  • The Palace of the Chan of Baku. Watercolours, gouache and graphite pencil on paper. Between 1840 and 1847. 40 х 28.9
  • A Portrait of the Young Officer in the Circassian Hat. 1840’s. Watercolours and gouache on paper. 28.8 x 20
  • Turkish Pasha on the Sofa. First half of the 1840’s. Watercolours and graphite pencil on paper. 24.4 х 30.9
  • Young Woman in the Eastern Costume. First half of the 1840’s. Watercolours and gouache on paper. 27 х 28.8
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23 December 2010 - 16 May 2011
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the prince Grigory Gagarin. Gagarin is one of the most talented Russian amateur artists, the creator of the Museum of “Christian antiques”, enthusiastic collector, Vice-president of the Emperor Academy of Arts. For the first time in a late hundred years the exhibition in such a great scale presents the paintings, book illustrations, album sketches, the samples of the scenery painting, architectural designs, sketches of the church painting, icons, fresco copies, early photo works by Gagarin, large-format lithograph albums and books from his private library. There are also exhibited the archive documents, related with the military, academic, social, educational and collector activity of the prince. The real discovery of museum researches is the Portrait of Sofia Gagarina in the Garden that earlier was considered lost. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Institute of the Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Science (the Pushkin House), the Scientific-Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, the State Historical Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Ethnographical Museum and the private collectors.

With the financial support of OJSC IC ROSNO