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  • Still life with a Jar and Water-melon. 1988. Oil, water-colors on canvas. 80 х 110.
  • Untitled. 1989. Oil on canvas. 140 х 200.
  • Adam, Why are You Calling Me? 1997. Oil on canvas mounted on wood. 173 х 201.
  • Still life with a Lobster. 2000. Oil, water-colors on canvas. 136 х 164.
  • The Fan over the Moon I. 2004. Oil, water-colors on canvas mounted on wood. 65 х 47.
  • Rembrandt. 2008. Oil on paper. 70 х 100.
  • Pegasus. 1998. Oil on wood. 205 х 260.
  • The Light Plays of Nefertiti S II.2009. 16 parts. Oil, water-colors on canvas. 92 х 76 (each of these parts).
  • Nefertiti S II.2009. 16 частей.. Oil, water-colors on canvas. 92 х 76 (each of these parts)
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08 July - 16 August 2010
Marble Palace

Exposition includes more than 20 paintings by the well-known German artist Eric Peters, created from 1995 to 2010. His solo exhibitions took place in London, Amsterdam, Houston, Rio-de-Janeiro, and in many galleries in Germany. This exhibition gives the Russian viewers the Russian viewers the opportunity to know Eric Peters’s creative oeuvre for the first time.

The basic content of the artist’s works is the mysteries of the universe, a man and a nature, the cultural heritage and modernity. The master’s ideas and reflections are embodied in the traditional form of the easel painting. He charms the viewer with the high quality of execution and with the polisemy of the fantastic world of the unusual images. Playing with the human mentality, with our emotions and customary ideas about surrounding life is in the basis of Peters’s art. The animals that are fancifully combined with a human image are depicted in many of his paintings. In some of his works Peters quotes the representational sources of the different historical epochs and includes these images in the modern art context. The chronological range of these sources is very wide – from the images of Nefertiti and the famous art works by Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer to the works of surrealists and Pablo Picasso.