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  • Masaki Miyasako. A Suite. 2008. Mineral colours on paper.72.7 х 90.9.
  • Hiroshi Senju. A Falling Colour. 2006. Mineral colours on paper. 72.8 х 91.
  • Hanako Kunishi. The Beginning of Hallucination. Mineral colours on paper. 2007.162.1 х 130.3.
  • Jayoi Kusama. The Nets of Eternity.1960. Oil on canvas. 91.3 х 101.3.
  • Masataka Ojabu. Hiro-Gongan (The Nati-No-Otaki Waterfall in Kumano – the Embodiment of Buddha). 2008. Mineral colours and acryl on canvas. 130.3 х 80.3.
  • Masataka Ohyabu. Flowers (painting on fan) 2002. Mineral colours and acryl on canvas. 26.1 х 86.
  • Masataka Ohyabu. The Syoiva-Sindzan Volcano. 2001. Mineral colours and acryl on canvas.97 х 130.3.
  • Tinami Nakazima. A Dream 87-9. 1987. Mineral colours on paper 90.9 х 116.7.
  • Kei Shibusawa. The Early Morning Lotuses (Light on Water). 2004. Mineral colours and acryl on canvas.53 х 72.7.
  • Teyske Narita. The Snow-covered Mountains and a Lake. 2008. Oil on canvas.60.6 х 72.7.
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02 September - 27 September 2010
Marble Palace

The exhibition presents about 80 works by twelve modern Japanese artists. The exposition gives the Russian viewers the opportunity to see such the great and complete exhibition of the modern Japanese art for the first time.

Alongside with the works displaying the influence of the classical art and the Western avant-garde there are presented the paintings and graphic works inseparably connected with the peculiarities of the national world view. The known Japanese themes (blossoming sakura, Buddhist temples, mountain peaks, hidden in mist) are revealing their sources in the great centuries-old artistic tradition of Japan. The highest quality of execution as well as the circle of traditions used in these oeuvres appeals to the concentrated contemplation and understanding of the concealed philosophical meaning of every work.

In spite of the stylistic distinctions the paintings, water colours and the decorated screens presented on the exhibition are distinguished by the increased attention to the technique and the material side of the work that is indissolubly connected with its spiritual content. The true beauty and harmony that we are often lacking in modern world, is accomplished in these works.

The exhibition is presented by the Gallery Shiraishi, Tokio.