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  • A. N. Voronikhin. The Catherina the Great’s Reception of the Turkish Embassy in the Great Hall of the Winter Palace. 1793. Watercolors, gouache, Indian ink, quill on paper  34,2 х 50,2
  • A. N. Voronikhin. The View of the Ceremonial Dining-Room (Corner Hall) in the Stroganov’s Palace. 1793. Watercolors, gouache, Indian ink, quill on paper 19,9 х 26,1
  • A. N. Voronikhin. Obelisk and the Bridge-Dam. From the series “The Viewes of the Stroganov’s Dacha (Mandurova’s Myiza) ”. 1794.  Indian ink, sepia, quill, brush on blue paper. 20,4 х 33,3.
  • A. N. Voronikhin. The Antic Sarcophagus (the so-called Homer’s Sepulchre). 1794. From the series “The Viewes of the Stroganov’s Dacha (Mandurova’s Myiza) ”. Indian ink, quill, brush on paper. 25,3 х 36,9.
  • A. N. Voronikhin. The Channel with the Bridge. 1794. Watercolors, gouache, Indian ink, quill on paper. 23,1 х 36,6.
  • A. N. Voronikhin. Portrait of M.F. Voronikhina (Lond), the architect’s wife. Not later 1810. Plaster.  64 х 40 х 26.
  • L.M.Gishar (?)Portrait of A.A.Voronikhin (1805-1835), Architect’s Son. 1806 (?). Plaster. 34 х 19 х 18.
  • A. N. Voronikhin. The View on the Stroganov’s Dacha. 1797. Oil on canvas. 67,5 х 100,5.
  • Unknown artist. The Portrait of A. N. Voronikhin. Not earlier 1811. Oil on canvas. 68 х 57.
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16 June - 25 October 2010
Stroganov Palace

The exposition includes 35 works by Andrey Voronihin (1759–1814) – one of the greatest architects of the Russian classicism of the border of the XVIII–XIX centuries. There are presented the 1 painting, 20 drawings and water-colours from the collection of the Russian Museum, 10 architectural graphic works and 3 works of applied art, created by the Voronikhin’s design, given by the State Museum-Reserve “Pavlovsk”. Voronikhin’s fate is closely connected with the Stroganovs counts family and also the Stroganov’s Palace, where this architect had reconstructed some of the halls. Andrey Voronikhin worked in St. Petersburg since the 1779. In the 1797 the Council of the Academy of Art had awarded him the rank of the Academician of the perspective painting for “The View of the Stroganov’s Dacha in St. Petersburg” painting. The creator of the famous architectural ensembles of the Kazanskiy Cathedral (1801–1811) and the Gorniy Institute (1806–1811), Voronikhin became famous also as the master of the interior design. By his drawings had been manufactured the articles of the applied art from the furniture to the lighting appliances and vases. At the exhibition there is also presented the furniture from the decorations of the Italian Hall of the Pavlovsk Palace and from the “Enclosure” pavilion. Together with the Voronikhin works there are presented the works by the other masters – the paintings and sculptural portraits of the architect and the members of his family.