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Yuri Hrzhanovsky

10 April - 12 May 2008
Benois Wing

The exhibition of Yury Hrzhanovsky (1905 - 1987), disciple of Pavel Filonov, was opened in the Russian Museum. About 50 paintings and more than 150 graphic works by the artist were presented. Among them there was «The Siberian partisans», big pictorial panel that has been shown on the well-known exhibition of Filonov's disciples in the Print House in 1927. The artist's drawings from the period of working in the Filonov's studio and his earlier artworks that have been created in the years of studying in Irkutsk were presented for the first time. In 1930s Hrzhanovsky began to work on stage as professional artist, but he didn't give up with painting. Watercolours of the 1930s and the 1950s are the extensive series of landscapes and genre sketches. His artworks of the late period of the 1960s and 1980s took on frequently a pointless character. They are connected with «drawing of music» that the artist loved during his lifetime: «fugues», «inventions», «improvisations» ...

All the artworks with the exception of the afore-mentioned panel that belongs to the Russian Museum, were given on the exhibition by the artist's family.

For the first time viewers were able to see the artist's works that were created during all his lifetime, and one more name was recovered to the Russian culture.