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26 June - 10 July 2008
Marble Palace

For the first time the Russian Museum presents the one-man exhibition of Victor Tikhomirov, one of the founders of the Mitki group, writer, publicist and film director. This exhibition has the Vigorous Lyric name.

In many respects his narrative, appealed to naive art traditions painting determined the character of the Mitki creative oeuvre. The plots of his paintings are akin to folk art. He depicts the most emotional and even tragic histories as brightly coloured and certainly with a sense of humor. But in spite of his works are very philosophical. Victor Tikhomirov appeals to signboards, icons, rugs and national traditions.

On the exhibition there are also presented the films that were shot by Victor Tikhomirov ("Grass and Water"; the cycle of works dedicated to the prominent people (Mitki-friends; Andrey Bitov, Polina Osetinskaya, Aleksander Sokurov, Alexei German and Boris Grebenschikov).