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17 July - 22 September 2008
Marble Palace

Exposition of the exhibition of the prominent Spain artist Manolo Valdes contains 59 artworks (paintings and sculptures). Among them 20 sculptures are displayed out of doors of St Michael’s (Engineers) Castle.

Manolo Valdes became famed in the middle of the 1960s, when he was a member of the ‘Equipo Cronica’ group. Art-production of the group was varied: painting, graphic art, set design and even cinema that were inspired by the Spanish classical art.

From 1981 Valdes began to work on his own. But connections with the previous period weren't lost. One of them, the most evident is the constant appeal to the classics (from Rembrandt to Picasso), those patterns that had been already tested in the 1960s.

Diego Velázquez, and in particular his renowned the Las Meninas canvas, is the permanent traveling of Valdes. Valdes created the cycle of bronze women's images made in different technique. The master considers that he consolidates in our consciousness all the most complicated emotional and professional nuances and gives them a new life by means of converting of pictorial images to the another material, to sculpture.

Manolo Valdes confirms: “The art of any epoch is always keeping on itself the traces of the past; art is the constant and successive supplement”.