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17 July - 07 October 2008
St. Michael's Castle

On the exhibition of artworks by Saint Petersburg sculptor Sergei Borisov 10 abstract sculpture compositions made of metal, steel and composite material in 1999-2008 are presented.

Sergei Borisov is working with abstract forms successively and for a long time. His sculpture strives to express inner significance of things, relations and senses by means of its “pure” fluent form.

Original forms-signs substantiate now abstract ideas and significances (“Vector”, “Spiral”, “Yes-No”, “Fluidity”), now nature, its calamities and elements (“Iron Wind”, “Trans-Cloud”, “Fossil”), now emotional tension of relations and passions (“Hunting for Whales”, “Go Away”). Sculptures made of different material — from traditional (metal and stone) to modern plastic — give opportunities not only for experimenting with colour and texture diversity of surfaces, but even with inner lighting of sculptural forms.