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21 February - 31 March 2008
Stroganov Palace

For the first time the Stroganov Palace of the Russian Museum presents the "Anatomy of the Memory" creative team-project by Andrey Makarevich and Andrey Belle that contains 12 artworks.

Cabinet and studio photographs, visiting cards, photographs for documents from the beginning of the 20th century that were collected by the authors from all over the world, are transferred by means of painting on canvases measuring 100 x 160 cm. The heroes of their artworks are an ordinary people i.e. craftsmen, conductors, cooks, soldiers etc. Every image reflects a history of life, character. More than 100 years these photographs lived their own life. Inscriptions, shabbinesses and stamps, which are the original "traits of time", were added. The artists depicted on canvases the brightest and the main contents of these documents.

"Anatomy of the memory", - Andrey Belle said, - is the attempt to touch a moment that has already been stopped over 100 years ago, to be astonished at it, to be delighted by it".