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14 February - 12 May 2008
Benois Wing

A Time to Gather exhibition gives a unique opportunity to see the artworks from different collections of different countries of the world that are gathered together in the rooms of the Russian Museum.

Most part of the artworks is presented in Russia at the first time. Among them there are the works of such artists of the 18th – the first half of the 19th centuries as Fyodor Rokotov (“A Female Portrait”), Vladimir Borovikovsky (“Portrait of Ivan Yakovlev”), Karl Briullov (“Portrait of Maximilian von Lichtenberg”), Orest Kiprensky (“Portrait of Anna de Segur”), Aleksey Venetsianov (“A Head of a Peasant Woman”), that were known for narrow circle of specialists before.

The Western collectors showed interest in the Russian painters-emigrants long time ago. They acquired the artworks from the artists. As the result the full collections of the works by the artists, who left Russia, were gathered on the West. These artists are: Alexander Yakovlev, Boris Grigoryev, Boris Anisfeld and many others. The artists are well-known in Russia by their earliest works only. The exhibition presents the artworks of different periods that show viewers the artist’s creative development.

In the Russian collections there are only a few artworks by such artists-emigrants as Nikolay Tarkhov, Maria Vasilyeva, Pavel Mansurov, Piotr Galadjev, Vasily Ermilov. Therefore every demonstration of these artworks is a one more step to supplement the history of Russian art. The exhibition comprises the works by Aristarkh Lentulov, Robert Falk, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Kazimir Malevich, Yuri Annenkov, Mikhail Larionov and Natalya Goncharova, David Burliuk, Ivan Puni, Alexandra Exter.

In the foreign collections there are good deals of historical and art rarities. They are: the golden samovar of Emperor Alexander III; the hinged icon that was presented by Saint-Petersburg nobility to Emperor Nikolay II; several imperial snuff-boxes and boxes that were made in the Faberge Workshops. Preserved by private owners these artworks may be shown, researched and published nowadays.

The four private collections of various kinds are emphasized at the exhibition. They are: Jon Stewart Collection, New York Private Collection, Edward Rotmann Collection, and Alex Lahmann Collection.