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07 February - 07 April 2008
St. Michael's Castle

There is the first personal exhibition of the artist Ivan Tarasyuk in the Russian Museum. He is the graduate of the graphic art department of I. E. Repin’s Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad (studio of Vladimir Vetrogonsky). He showed his worth successfully in various kinds and genres of art i.e. in painting and graphic art, ceramics, in the field of decorative and applied art. He designed theatrical and circus performances. The creative oeuvre of Ivan Tarasyuk combines organically traditions of the folk art, burlesque theatre, Leningrad school of graphic art, avant-garde and postmodernism elements. The artist moves easily from one kind and genre of art to another, and sometimes he transfers or combines their distinguishing features. Tarasyuk attaches great importance to the choice of materials. Therefore the texture of his artworks has its own voice with a great number of intonations that arise an image. But in depictions of different situations and characters the grotesque is an integral part. Ivan Tarasyuk constructs his magnificent world with huge creative power and excitement. They literally infect a viewer and allow coming into contact with a joy and delights of creation. More than 150 exhibitions of the artist were held in different countries of the world.