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29 November 2007 - 20 February 2008
Stroganov Palace

For the first time the Russian Museum presents the oeuvres of the independent photographers of Leningradsky underground of the 1960s and 1980s. The exhibition acquaints viewers with the Russian photographs that didn't correspond with the official ideological mainstream of those years and couldn't be shown at the exhibition or published in press. The viewers can see the unique artworks by 14 authors (Boris Kudryakov, Gennady Prihodko, Leonid Bogdanov, Boris Smelov, Olga Korsunova, Vladimir Okulov, Slava Mikhaylov, Valentin Til Maria Samarin, Nicolay Matrenin, Sergey Falin, Anatoly Shishkov, Sergey Podgorkov, Lev Zvyagin, Evgeny Antonenko), who made a photograph only of what they want. They looked for the new language in art. This is the 'work' with rubbish as the worthy of art object; mysticism and absurdity of Saint Petersburg by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Nicolay Gogol; Leningrad and its beggarly life before the 'empire's' decline; Saint Petersburg unique precincts in profitable houses; nude figures as an archetype of nature and an object for a formal search; diverse forms of transformation of representation; abstract photograph etc. The exhibition is the continuation of the National Art of the 1960s and 1980s large project. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in English and Russian.