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25 May - 09 July 2007
St Michael's (Engineers) Castle

The first ever retrospective of the AES and AES+F famous art group in Russia. The AES group (Tatyana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich and Yevgeny Svyatsky) was founded in 1987; in 1995 when the photographer Vladimir Fridkes joined the group one more letter was added to the abbreviation, consisting of the initial letters of the artists? last names: AES+F. This year the AES+F group contributes to the 52nd Venetian Biennale on behalf of Russia. The exhibition of the Russian Museum presents 141 artworks, which AES and AES+F created over the twenty years of their oeuvre including painting, objects, sculpture, digital painting and video art. Among them there are such famous series as Islamic Project; video art and photographs from The King of the Forest project investigating the mythology of childhood in modern culture; Who Wants To Live Forever video dedicated to the death of Princess Diana; the Action Half Life and the Last Rebellion zoom digital panoramas, etc. Especially for the exhibition the artists have created a new work — The First Rider monument. The monument will be erected in the yard of the Marble Palace. The exhibition is supported by the Triumph Gallery, Moscow.