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19 April - 17 May 2007
Marble Palace

The exhibition of the famous photographers Pierre and Gilles rather amply presents their oeuvre of the late 1980s — early 2000s. At the beginning of their career they decorated albums and disks for many pop-stars. Since then among their models there are such celebrities as Marc Almond, Nina Hagen, and Marilyn Manson. Pierre and Gilles create their own kind of the staged portrait, turning a photograph into a mythological picture. In their works they present famous and unknown models as antique heroes, Christian saints and characters of genre scenes, as was customary in classical academic art. Pierre and Gilles found a convincing method of combining glamour and classics, which is used by their numerous followers and admirers, and are prominent representatives of the "camp" art (Susan Sontag). The exhibition presents works from different private and museum collections, selected by the Jérôme de Noirmont Gallery (Paris). It is organized by the Russian Museum in collaboration with the Committee for Culture of Moscow and the Multimedia Complex of Actual Art, Moscow.