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ALEXANDER VOLKOV Painting and Graphic Art
From the Jubilees-2007 cycle

17 May - 18 June 2007
Benois Wing

Alexander Volkov exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the artist?s birthday continues the series of jubilee exhibitions held in the Uzbekistan State Museum of Arts in Tashkent and in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The Russian Museum compiled a small, though bright and expressive collection of paintings, temperas, watercolours and drawings by the famous artist, author of the Pomegranate Chaikhana. While the artist?s paintings are well known to the viewer due to many subject exhibitions in the Russian Museum, his graphic works of the 1920s will be a true discovery for art lovers. Alexander Volkov was born in Uzbekistan and had lived there the major part of his life. However, being educated in Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev, Volkov became a connecting-link between the stylistic evolution of the European traditions of the early 20th century and the Oriental folk decorative art. It was he, who influenced the development and formation of the Uzbek national school of painting. The unique pictorial language of the artist, the rich colours of his works, the intensity and luminescence of paints, perception of traditions of folk primitive combined with biblical subjects and Sufi motifs of Oriental religions add special features to his oeuvre, which make him the prominent master of the first half of the 20th century. The exposition includes about 30 works by the artist from the Russian Museum collection.