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Dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of Daniel Harms

22 December 2005 - 30 January 2006
Stroganov Palace

The project is dedicated to the centenary of Daniil Kharms' birth. He was one of the most renowned writers of the 20th century. His oeuvre acquaints with almost all problems of topical creative practice. The exhibition comprises works by contemporary St Petersburg, Moscow and Rotterdam artists L. Belova, D. Goryachev, Mikhail Karasik, V. Kozin, V. Pushnitsky, A. Chezhin, P. Perevezentsev, S. Yakunin and A. Shroiders. It presents objects, photography, books, video and installations. The masters working in different styles, genres and techniques reflect their understanding of phenomenon of Daniil Kharms' personality, his life, character and idea of the world in their works. The visual material is accompanied by sounds, voices and reading of texts. The premiere of the On Phenomena and Existence № 3 film, directed by A. Shroiders after the stories of Daniil Kharms, is timed to the opening of the exhibition.