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From the "Jubilees" series

16 November 2005 - 09 March 2006
Benois Wing

The Russian Museum introduces one-woman show of the St Petersburg artist Lyudmila Kutsenko. The exhibition comprises 44 paintings, 25 graphic works and 13 collages. Lyudmila Kutsenko is an artist creatively rethought the traditions of Russian classical Avant-garde. Saturated colours of her compositions impart expressive movability to artistic forms showing creative Zeitgeist world outlook of the artist. Disengaging from certain forms can be traced in the titles of the works Rhythm, Bell, Whirling Form and Vertical expressing common spirits of the eternal motion. Lyudmila Kutsenko's studies painting under Yevgenia Magaril were a strong creative impulse for her. The oeuvre of Vladimir Sterligov and Pavel Kondratyev made a great impact on her oeuvre.