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Braco Dimitrijevic
Triptychos Post Historicus 2005

22 September - 24 October 2005
Marble Palace

The Russian Museum for the first time presents the project by Braco Dimitrijevic, the world-famous Croatian conceptual artist. The exposition includes 8 installations in the shape of original still-lives in which the artist uses works by Malevich, Rodchenko, Tatlin, Goncharova, Steinberg and Samokhvalov from the Russian Museum collection placing them alongside welfare items and fruits. The installations are called Triptychos as the author longs to express three aspects of reality represented by three types of objects: picture symbolizes the sphere of esthetics and history, utilitarian thing — the sphere of casual, everyday customs, fruit and vegetables — the nature. The artist breaks established forms of museum representation, reviews the prevailing system of vision, creates new free space for the perception, reveals manifoldness of the content enclosed in the work of art, states the relativism of judgement about aesthetic value and absoluteness of relations between nature and culture. "My art is a game, the aim of which is to add a meaning both to a work of art and the casual thing, in which the artist sees spiritual and conceptual importance. Triptychos Post Historicus give the opportunity to penetrate into the work of art, to learn all its levels, not just to behold it hanging in the frame on the wall". The State Russian Museum was the country's first ever state museum of national fine art. Founded by special decree of Tsar Nicholas II 1895, the Russian Museum officially opened its doors to the public in the Mikhailovsky Palace in the center of St Petersburg on 7 (19) March 1898.