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Valery Koshlyakov
Iconuses. Clothes of the Space.

23 June - 18 July 2005
Marble Palace

The exhibition will introduce the oeuvre of the famous Russian artist Valery Koshlyakov. His first one-man show is called Iconuses. Clothes of the Space is connected with the research of the shape we clothe the space and with the artist's wish to see how the world works. The artist appeals to well-known plastic forms and motifs. Koshlyakov creates monumental works on embossed cardboard. The surface of his works that are architectural utopias is multi-layered: something that is in the base peeps out of the upper image. The artist works with the cultural heritage reviving well-known eternal images on such an unstable surface as wrapping cardboard or scotch. The attempt to master historical experience and to reveal peculiarities of formation leads to creation of original special models, which the artist calls "iconuses". Iconuses are not architectural models but a plastic mounting of an idea. The exhibition includes objects and models which carry purely plastic task.