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17 June - 25 July 2005
Stroganov Palace

The GEO magazine presents 90 fine photographs for the Unknown World: the Earth exhibition. It includes works by Lev Veisman, Leonid Kruglov, Alexander Milovsky, Sergei Maximishin, Nikolai Shpilenok and Yatsek Palkevich. A viewer will have a unique opportunity to look at four cardinal points: West, East, North and South, as those who managed to record life of modern cities and "secret" worlds, where time stopped thousands years ago. Military rituals of African tribes, magic rites of Tibetan monks, hunting for elephants of pygmies from the Ituri forest and women — giraffes of Burma as well as unique shots of nature are shown at the exhibition. The GEO is a famous magazine. For the first time it was published in Germany more than 25 years ago. Nowadays the magazine is published in France, Spain, South Korea and Japan. The Russian GEO has been published since February 1998 and attracted the attention of readers very quickly. The GEO's photographs not only illustrate the texts, but also acquaint with works by the best masters of the world. Art of Photography master-class