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15 April - 10 May 2005
Stroganov Palace

Corbijn's retrospective in the Stroganov Palace of the State Russian Museum shows all stages of the artist's creative development - from the early musical shots to the recent, absolutely 'loose' and thus incredibly attracting works. Corbijn came to London when he was 24, worked in New Musical Express magazine - magazine that formed the 'golden staff' of the British post-punk music. Corbijn gave the so-called look to the post-punk, that is the visual realization, 'picture'. From 1979 to 1985 Corbijn gathered all the stars of that time in his portfolio: Joy Division, U2, Captain Beefheart and David Bowie, etc. Today we can add Clint Eastwood, Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Franc Sinatra, REM, Bjork, Lucciano Pavarotti, William Barrows, Steven Spielberg, Takeshi Kitano, and Kate Moss and many others to this list. In 1985 Corbijn left NME and started his own career. Beginning with that year he designs all following releases of Depeche Mode and makes photos for all U2 albums. In 1989 his first book Famouz was published - it is a group portrait of the stars of the British popular music that includes photos of 1976-88. The book possesses the spectacular gloom, surface restraint through which genuine tenseness is visible. Image of the British music scene of the 1980s - early 1990s was developed by Corbijn and perfected to the degree that the image itself becomes a work of art. In 1980s Corbijn broke the limits of the photography and started making music video: clips for Depeche Mode, David Silvian, Joni Mitchell, Danzig, Echo and the Bunnymen. In the 1990s - U2, Metallica, Nirvana (one of the most prominent songs and the best clip of the group - Heart-Shaped Box), Nick Cave and Johnny Cash. Depeche Mode musicians proclaimed Corbijn the fifth member of the group - he developed and supports the whole visual part of Depeche Mode. Star Trak issued in 1996 acquired immediate popularity. Spicy, sensual portraits of musicians, actors, directors, photo models and artists. In 1999 a book 33 Still Lives was published turning over all notions how to make photos of celebrities. And in 2000 Corbijn and a famous artist Marlen Dumas created Strippinggirls series - rough series on the brink of the foul, however, very serious where sex and sensuality became the language to speak about the extreme strain that appears between the real life and fantasy and gives birth to the work of art.