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Alexander Chernitsky
Sculpture and Drawing

17 February - 14 March 2005
Benois Wing

This is a retrospective exhibition of the oeuvre of one of the oldest Leningrad sculptures, Alexander Chernitsky - a well-known portrait artist, the author of monuments, memorials, and park sculptures. Among the showcased works are 18 sculptures, 13 drawings, and one porcelain composition typical of the Soviet culture of the 1950s. The exhibition contains works from the collection of the Russian Museum, as well as from the artist's studio. Alexander Nikolayevich Chernitsky was born in 1918, received his art education in Kharkov, at the Department of Architecture of the Building Institute; and later - in 1945-1948 - studied at the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture in A. T. Matveyev's workshop. Over more then 50 years of work, he created a whole portrait gallery (D.D. Shostakovitsch, I.F.Stravinsky, A.A.Voznesensky, and others); many a work of decorative sculpture for the parks of St Petersburg; participated in the reconstruction of the unique park ensemble in the Crimea. Alexander Chernitsky's monuments and memorials have embodied the ideas of his epoch, the public pathos and the memory of the Great patriotic War. Quite an important role in the sculptor's oeuvre is played by drawings. Graphic portraits made by Alexander Chernitsky in various techniques illustrate various moments of Leningrad-Petersburg cultural life.