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Old Russian needlework

01 January - 31 January 2005
Mikhailovsky Palace

33 works formed this temporary exhibition. They all come from a collection kept in depositories of the Museum. It is the collection of church needlework, unique for its artistic value and undamaged state. Veils that hanged above icons, shrouds of Christ with embroidery of 'Entombment' and shrouds with images of Russian saints, the founders of cloisters, were showcased at the exhibition. Among them, there were articles made in workshops of tsarizy, grand princesses and boyarynias, as well as articles made with the own hand of tsarizy Irina Godunova, Evdokiya Streshneva (wife of tsar Mikhail Fedorovich), and Maria Miloslavskaya (daughter-in-law of Ivan Grozny).