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Ars Fennica. 1991-2003
Ars Fennica Laureates in the Russian Museum

25 November 2004 - 15 January 2005
The Marble Palace

The exhibition showcases works of art by moderns artist from Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic states - Ars Fennica laureates of 1991-2003. The Ars Fennica art award is given annually to one artist, in recognition of distinctive artistic output of high merit. The award includes a monetary prize, the publication of a catalogue of works by the winner and an exhibition tour of three Finnish art museums. The present exhibition shows works of painting, photography, objects and sculpture The Ars Fennica Foundation was set up in 1990 by entrepreneur Pertti Niemistö and his wife Henna to promote the visual arts, open up new international contacts for the Finnish art world and to encourage artists in their creative work. All the Ars Fennica award nominees are usually already quite well-known. Participation in the contest gives an artist a new status, as Ars Fennica is extremely popular, objective and respected in Finland. The exhibition of the Ars Fennica laureates demonstrates the practice-proved and approved formula of non-governmental support of modern art in Finland. The exhibition is organised with the support of the Finnish Consulate General in St Petersburg, the Institute of Finland in St Petersburg and the Pro Arte Institute. Ars Fennica laureates 1991-2003
  • Maaria Wirkkala, Finland
  • Johan Scott, Finland
  • Per Kirkeby, Denmark
  • Olegs Tillbergs, Latvia
  • Silja Rantanen, Finland
  • Pauno Pohjolainen, Finland
  • Peter Frie, Sweden
  • Markus Copper, Finland
  • Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Iceland
  • Heli Hiltunen, Finland
  • Heli Rekula, Finland
  • Anu Tuominen, Finland