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Tertium Datur. The third is given

19 August - 04 October 2004
The Mikhailovsky Castle

The Tertium Datur. The Third is Given project of the St. Petersburg Studio of a Creative Thing group comes as a part of the series of the Russian Museum exhibitions whose aim is to show experimental search and trends in the topical art. The authors of the project - Alexander Dobrovolsky, Yelena Lekus, and Olga Svirko - tried to express difficult theoretical research in art images. The exhibition showcases 13 sculptures by Tigran Nikogosyan. Creative Object Studio has already existed for over four years. Now the members of this creative group are Alexander Dobrovolsky, Elena Lekus, Tigran Nikogosyan, Alexey Pavlyuchenko and Olga Svirko. Experimenting with different forms of artistic expressiveness they aim at finding a new adequate artistic language complying with their perception of reality. After numerous attempts to find 'their own' art it occurred to them to create artistic images incorporating two different objects at one time devoid of any association by similarity in form or essence. The origin of their artistic language sprang from the "fruit" heads of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, hallucinations of the Surrealists and the illusionist puzzles of Maurits Cornelis Escher. The peculiarity of the works of the Creative Object Studio is in the fact that the formerly used methods of metaphors, illusion or tricks no longer serve as the basis of their creativity. The principle of their art is concordant with synergetic method (from the Greek word meaning "joint action") and the so-called bifurcus point (from the Latin word meaning - divided). These experimental searches for form creation of a separate artistic image result in its absolute isomorphism (form similarity) to two original objects that are devoid of any association by similarity in form or essence in reality. For example, the shape of scissors is easily discerned in the image of a ballet dancer, though it is impossible to say whether the scissors or the ballet dancer stimulated the creation of the given object.