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Anatoly Kiselev
From the Jubilee 2004 cycle

05 August - 13 September 2004
The Benois Wing

The exhibition is dedicated to the 75th birthday anniversary of the St Petersburg sculptor Anatoly Kiselev. His monumental and monumental - decorative works decorate the squares of the cities of the former Soviet Union. The exposition comprises sculptural, graphic and painterly works as well as porcelain sculpture. 15 years of work at the Leningrad Porcelain Factory (1954-1969) made Anatoly Alexandrovich Kiselyev a well-known artist. In the 1960s his bright porcelain figures of Gusi-Lebedi, Alenushka, or Tsarevna-Lyagushka could be found nearly in every flat. Today, the sculptor is still involved in porcelain design. In 1964 - 1973 Anatoly Kiselyev was a member of Vladimir Sterligov's group, the artists of which thought themselves to be Kasimir Malevich's followers and were involved in exploring the issues of plastic space based on the worldview, where it is the curve which is the main line, not the straight. This period was very important for the creative development of the artist, and the Sterligov's method of special tasks solving influenced not only three dimensional compositions by Anatily Kiselyev, but also the majority of the sculptor's drawings and paintings.