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Knave of Diamonds

09 July - 15 November 2004
The Benois Wing

The exhibition held in the Russian Museum is aimed to revive the atmosphere of "The Knave of Diamonds" association's exhibitions. Those were organised by Moscow artists in 1910-1916. Several rooms show works that were included into this or that precise "The Knave of Diamonds" exhibition (1910, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1916) or into the exhibitions of "Donkey's Tail" (1912) and "Target" (1913). Besides, the exhibition contains works by key "The Knave of Diamonds" artists, which are not associated with exact exhibitions but are made in the manner typical of the association. The core of the exhibition is formed with works of "The Knave of Diamonds" artists: P.Konchalovsky, I.Mashkov, A.Lentulov, and A.Kuprin. Next to them, as it was in reality, are those of K.Malevich, O.Rosanova, A.Exter, and V.Tatlin, as well as little-known paintings by A.Morgunov, V.Bart, and M. Le Dantu. A special room is devoted to N.Goncharova and M.Larionov. The exhibition is organised by the State Russian Museum together with the State Tretiakov Gallery and "Ekaterina" Foundation (Moscow), with participation of 16 museums of the Russian Federation coordinated by ROSIZO. A catalogue for the exhibition has been published.