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Princess Ingeborg of Schleswig-Holstein

17 June - 02 August 2004
The Mikhailovsky Castle

The exhibition introduces works by one of the world-famous German artists - Princess Ingeborg of Schleswig-Holstein. The works of painting and graphics shown were selected by the artist herself especially for her exhibition in St. Petersburg. For Ingeborg, the great-great-granddaughter of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, it is her first visit to St. Petersburg. The exhibition also shows the Princess of Schleswig-Holstein's family-tree, along with portraits of her Russian ancestors from the collection of the Russian Museum. Ingeborg was born in Bienebeck. She spent her childhood and adolescence near the Baltic sea, in vast Schleswig-Holstein. After graduating in 1976 from the local Louisenlund Foundation school, she studied in the Hamburg High School for Design till 1981. After getting acquainted with Andy Warhol and working as an assistant in Warhol's Factory New York art studio, she started pondering over European and American culture. According to Ingeborg, this pondering had an impact on her future oeuvre. Having passed her exam in 1981, she decided to remain in New York and started to work on her own. However, as early as in 1984-186 she returned to Germany and creates her first project there - The Path to the Light series of paintings for St. Catherine's Church in Hamburg. Working together with the Polish composer Augustin Bloch, she frequently came to Poland. There she was greatly impressed by her visit to the tomb of a priest Jerzy Popielusko, who was killed in 1984 by Polish Security Service. In 1989-1992, the artist together with A.Bloch created a requiem for Jerzy Popielusko, which "praises the victory of love, the immortality of man, and freedom based on the God's love for people". A third artist's large project is called Space of Silence. It was shown at the exhibition of media art in Hamburg in 1993. Ingeborg's paintings make those who dare scrutinise the works long and grieve for the unknown, for the anticipated. The artist create her works with special room in mind. Her works are non-objective. She loves combinations of red, blue, and yellow. These are the colours the artist uses to create the world of her canvases. A catalogue for the exhibition has been published.