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Uri Katzenstein. Home
(An exhibition held in the context of PROSMOTR Festival of Video Art) (The Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum)

19 November 2003 - 18 January 2004
The Stroganov Palace

Uri Katzenstein works with various media. He is a sculptor, a performanist, and a musician who makes his own musical instruments and sound machines, and a video-artist. The film "Home" stars a group of actors. The music for it has been written by composes Ishai Adar and Binay Reches together with Katzenstein. The hallucinatory and hypnotic atmosphere of the film is formed by actions of blind and "mute" characters, who speak the language of strange gestures in the space of "Home" created with the means of three-dimensional computer graphics. All the Katzenstein's characters, both men and women, dressed in "flesh-coloured" uniform and wearing masks, become the artist's doubles. The films script is a succession of ritual events, which happen on different floors of the Home and are concluded with a strange wedding.