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Irina Zatulovskaya. Experience

02 October - 23 October 2003
The Marble Palace

The exhibition include Irina Zatulovskaya's paintings on wood and sheet iron, as well as objects, frescoes, and drawings. The Moscow artist Irina Zatulovskaya is known as a rare colourist, who listens to her own taste rather than to fashion and who has her own way, and her own life in art. Having graduated from Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1976, Irina Zatulovskaya soon abandons Falk-esque tradition of textured painting, which she was schooled with, and turns to colour in the very first meaning of the word. In this "honest", rough paint there lives colour full of space, light, and spirit - all that abundance which is typical of easel painting. She "paints" as they "paint" fences, as Malevich painted, and as Larionov, whose oeuvre had great influence over hers, began to "paint". However, Zatulovskaya has not just taken it as a technique but absorbed and interpreted it in her own way, formed her own vision and feeling. Laconism of her paintings on wood comes from the Russian icon, which she sees not as only an image revealed on a flat surface but as a three-dimensional body which is not flat, has certain weigh, and its back side. Using plastic nature of painting, Zatulovskaya adds texts to pictures, which links her oeuvre with icon and lubok traditions. In Zatulovskaya's paintings colour always match material revealing its features. Sharp clear silhouettes, most localized colour splashes, laid often with a couple of strokes, make her works plain and fine. Zatulovskaya's gift is naturalness.