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Poetry of water
(Modern Art of Finland, Estonia and Russia)

07 August - 29 September 2003
The Mikhailovsky Castle

The exhibition includes works of artists, for whom water is a most important source of inspiration. Finnish photographer Jaakko Heikkila depicts the Baltic seacoast, sculptor Anni Laakso tells how glacier melts, while for sculptor Eero Hiironen move of water and water nature is an inexhaustible source for oeuvre. Works of Finnish and American photographer Aarno Rafael Minkkinen are full of surreal mergence of human body and waterscape, painter Jaakko Niemela has built a house of wire on an imaginary shore, whereas in works of painter Kristiina Uusitalo water surface and maze form a meditative altogether. Estonian artist Jan Toomik has depicted himself as an element of a landscape with frozen water. In the context of the exhibition "Poetry of Water" a separate exhibition "Underwater World" will take place. It is organized by the State Russian Museum and the Art centre for children and youth of Hyvinkaa city. The exhibition includes paintings and drawings created by children from all over the world - Russia, Finland, Argentine, India, Japan, China, Cuba, Kuwait, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, and Hungary. The works for the exhibition have been chosen from the international Collection of children works of art of the Art centre for children and youth of Hyvinkaa city. The Underwater world tells about myths and stories connected with plants, sea creatures, and underwater world. Exhibition room represents one space structured for the exhibition thematic. The exhibition immerse visitors in the underwater world, introduces sea nature, role of water in human life - fishing, fishing industry, sea voyages and life on a sea coast. The exhibition is held with the assistance of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Enlightenment of Finland, as well as "Helsingin Vesi" and "Kemira Kemuoter"