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The Mariinsky Theatre. 1783 - 2003. The Theme With Variations

23 May - 27 June 2003
The Marble Palace

The exhibition is devoted to an oldest music theatre of the country. For more than two centuries it has been an academy of the national opera and Russian ballet. The show is organized by the State Russian Museum together with the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre and the St Petersburg Sate Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art. The exposition includes about 700 objects, among them - costumes of actors of the imperial theatre, sketches and models of scenery for performances. This performance-exhibition in the halls of the Marble Palace is designed as an interactive zone of theatrical backstage space - properties and machines for sound and lighting effects create the impression of going on preparation for a performance. The exposition tells about the Mariinsky theatre history from the very beginning till nowadays, unites the past and the present. Authentic theatrical relics are found near original elements of modern scenography, all arranged in historical order. Conductor's baton of Peter Tchaikovsky, shoes of Anna Pavlova, awards of Marius Petipa, sketches of scenery and costumes, belongings of conductors, producers, and artists who worked in the theatre at different periods of its history, as well as modern works of the theatre will reveal wonderful history of the legendary Mariinka.