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Alexander Baturin

06 March - 08 April 2003
The Marble Palace

Alexander Baturin was born in 1914 in Helsinki (Finland). Till 1930 he lived in Shandrinsk, then moved to Leningrad. In 1931 he met one of Malevich's students, Vladimir Sterligov, and this determined his way for good, both in art and in life. Sterligov's workshop was one of informal centres of art culture of Leningrad in 1960-1970. Sterligov influenced his students greatly because he went on after Malevich developing plastic form. Only instead of the straight line of suprematic universe of Malevich, in his universe form was built with S-like curve. Having taken much from his teacher, Baturin found his own way to express things. According to his words, the main thing in his creative work is nature and mastering of its plastic forms. He does not look for dramatic scenes in it, Baturin finds harmony and equilibrium. His main and favourite genre is landscape. In 1995 in Paris Baturin Institute was founded. In 2002 the artist was rewarded with order Druzhby. The exhibition in the Marble palace shows 30 works of the artist (drawings, pastel, paintings) from the collection of the Russian Museum.