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Vera Matukh

06 March - 08 April 2003
The Marble Palace

Vera Matukh was born in 1910 in Berlin. In 1923 she moved to the USSR, studied in Kharkov school of arts and then in Kharkov institute of arts at graphics faculty. Since 1931 V.Matukh has lived in Leningrad and as the fates decree joined experimental graphic workshop by the Artists Union in Leningrad. G.Vereysky, N.Tyrsa and E.Kruglikova were at the head of the workshop. Here, together with her young colleges Y.Syriev, L.Timoshenko, I.Ez, the young artist took up coloured engraving. The first black and white imprint was used by Vera Matukh as a base on which infinite variants of collages made of construction paper were laid. Rehearsed in such a way colour spectrum was transferred to lithoprint. Matukh's charm and style come from ingenuousness and seeming spontaneity of her works. The exhibition in the Marble Palace shows 30 works of the master (lithography, water-colour) from the collection of the Russian Museum.