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The 'Sound Games' by Vladimir Tarasov

06 March - 07 April 2003
The Marble Palace

The "Sound Games" by Vladimir Tarasov is the second exhibition of this kind to be held in the Russian Museum after the installation of a famous English musician and composer Brian Eno. Vladimir Tarasov is one of the world leading musicians and the author of numerous sound installations who lives and works in Vilnius now. Since the time of a legendary ГТЧ trio (Ganelin - Tarasov - Chekasin) he has worked in the mainstream of modern jazz and new improvisation music. In the past ten years Vladimir Tarasov collaborated much with the symphony, chamber music and jazz orchestras of. Lithuania, Europe and the United States. His creative quests as of a composer and a musician are mostly in the domain of modern avant-garde music, though he often resorts to classical music, writes for the cinema and musical theatre. Installation as a type of contemporary art constitutes a peculiar part of his oeuvre where he works in collaboration with Ilya Kabakov a leading theorist engaged in the art of installation. "Christmas Wreath" and "Bells for St. Casimir of Vilnius" are the most famous light installations of Vladimir Tarasov. The "Sound Games" exhibition in the Marble Palace presents seven installations by the musician: "Nocturne for Paper", "Music of Hosts" "Drums of Tibet", "Untitled" or "Talking to oneself", "New York - New York", "Concert for Flies", "Music of Water".