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Elena Keller

06 March - 08 April 2003
The Marble Palace

During more than 25 years Elena Keller's works were exhibited on 10 individual and more than 35 group shows. Practically from the very beginning Keller works in the course of non-figurative art. From the very beginning Keller decided that abstract art is the only way for her to express her language and thinking. Nevertheless, in some works the painter is balancing on the edge of symbol-world, turns to archetypical images. The American period of her work (since 1993) is characterized with great orderliness, concentration on plastic and colour generalization. Special attention should be paid to those works of Keller which were created after her visit to Holy Land. Their stylistics is close to abstract expressionism. Keller's works can be found in museum collections of Russia, Germany (Kunsthalle in Hamburg, Centre of Contemporary art in Berlin, the Museum of Bochum), the USA (Art Museum of D.Zimmerli, New Jersey) and private collections in Holland, the USA, Switzerland and Russia. The exhibition held in the rooms of the Marble palace will show 21 paintings of Keller created in 1986-2003 A catalogue for the exhibition has been published.