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Kasimir Malevich in the Russian Museum

30 November 2000 - 31 March 2001
The Benois Wing

The State Russian Museum owns the world's largest collection of works by Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935), outstanding artist, teacher and one of the most remarkable reformers of twentieth-century art. The exhibition is the first ever full showing of the entire collection of 101 paintings and some forty works of graphic art by the master at the Russian Museum, many of which have recently been redated. Kazimir Malevich is famous as the creator of Suprematism, one of the great utopias of the classical avant-garde, an original and integral painterly system gravitating towards universality. Malevich's Suprematist period is represented in the museum collection by remarkable works chosen by the artist himself. This collection is unique from the point of view of both its diversity and versatility, with works ranging from from such monumental canvases as Sportsmen and Red Cavalry to the artist's drawings for Futurist booklets, lubok propaganda pictures for the First World War, architectons (futuristic architectural projects), fabric designs and innovative porcelain. Prior to the exhibition, Palace Editions printed the Kazimir Malevich in the Russian Museum catalogue, the first ever publication on the entire Malevich collection at the Russian Museum. The book contains articles on Malevich's life and work, illustrations and a detailed catalogue reproducing the images on both the fronts and backs of his canvases. X-ray photographs are also printed. An appendix section contains Malevich's correspondence, documents and reminiscences of his students and contemporaries.