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On the Creative Path

24 February - 20 March 2000
Mikhailovsky Castle

The exhibition was dedicated to the 65th birthday of the B. V. Ioganson State Academic Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts. The B. V. Ioganson State Academic Art Lyceum (former Art School) is the unique educational institute. Peculiarity of its program is combination of secondary education and professional art education. There are two schools of this kind in Petersburg and Moscow. There is no similar practice in Europe and USA. Among graduates of this school could be called the names of M.Anikushin, J.Tulin, A.Levitin, J.Podlyassky, V.Vetrogonsky, I.Razdrogin, V.Zagonek, D.Oboznenko, L.Kobachek, A.Korolyov, V.Starov, Y.Krestovsky, Y.Bogatkin. D.Shagin, A.Sokolov, E.Maltsev, I.Glazunov, E.Neizvestny, I.Uralov, M.Shemyakin. There were presented works of the architecture, painting and graphic art departments and will be arranged master classes and meetings with pedagogues.