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The Russian Museum

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The permanent exhibition of Russian applied art of the 20th century includes over 400 works of porcelain, glass, majolica altogether with textile and furniture. The pre-revolution period is presented by the articles of the Emperor's Porcelain and Glass factories and also the works of significant artists (M.Vrubel, V.Borisov-Musatov, A.Golovin) who created the applied art works in the art studios of Abramtsevo country-seat and Talashkino country-seat.

The section of glassware opens the decorative vases in modern style. The changes in the stylistic decision of Soviet glass are presented on the example the works by V.Mukhina, A.Uspensky, B.Smirnov and the others. Also there are presented the examples of agitation porcelain (works by S.Chehonin, N.Danjko, A.Shchekatikhina-Pototskaya, N.Altman and others). The significant place in exposition belongs to the suprematic porcelain by K.Malevich, N.Suetin, I.Chashnik. The porcelain of the 1940-1990's is presented by works of artists who worked on Leningrad Porcelain factory named after M.Lomonosov (A.Leporskaya, E.Krimmer, I.Akvilonova, V.Gorodetsky,T.Afanasieva and others). The textile section includes the examples of agitation fabric of the 1920-1930's and works of contemporary artists, including decorative panels by Timur Novikov.