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Benois Wing
Opening of The Four Seasons. Landscape in Russian Painting exhibition
Stroganov Palace
Opening of the Sergei Lobanov exhibition
Alexander Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
Opening of the Pavel Filonov exhibition
16.12.2006 , 23.12.2006, 24.12.2006, 28.12.2006
St Michael's Castle
New Year Studios of Artists social and cultural project for children with special needs
St Michael's Castle
Opening of the Herbarium Amoris exhibition. Tercentenary exhibition of Carl von Linné
Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhny Tagil
Opening of The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch information and educational centre
Benois Wing
Opening of the Mikhail Vrubel exhibition
St Michael's Castle
Creative Meetings in the St Michael's Castle social and cultural project within the framework of the Decade of People with Special Needs (for elderly people)
Mikhailovsky Palace
Hello, the Russian Museum! charitable action for children of the Anima St Petersburg Centre for Creative Pedagogics
Marble Palace
Opening of the White Days 2006-07 season in St Petersburg
Marble Palace
Opening of the Natalia Egorshina and Nikolai Andronov exhibition
Benois Wing
Opening of Lev Lanets´s Sculpture exhibition
Marble Palace
Opening of Tatyana Nazarenko´s Vanishing Reality exhibition
Cherepovets, Cherepovets Museum Complex
Ceremonial opening of The World of the Peasantry in Russian Art exhibition
Manège Central Exhibition Hall
Concert of the Russian Horn Choir orchestra of the Alexander Herzen Russian Pedagogical University at the XII Orthodox Russia national exhibition.
Benois Wing
Opening of the German Egoshin. Painting from the Collection of the Russian Museum and the Artist´s Studio exhibition
Lecture Hall, St Michael´s Castle
Fifth academic conference in memory of N. Pokrovsky
St Michael's (Engineers) Castle, Lecture-Hall
Opening of the Club-House of Lovers of Art - "The Third Age" (for adult visitors)
04.10.2006 - 08.10.2006
Germany, Frankfurt am Main
Contribution of the State Russian Museum to the International Book Fair
Marble Palace
We Should Meet More Often traditional Autumn meeting of the Friends of the Russian Museum and the Alexandrinsky Theatre
Yakutsk, National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha
Opening of the Three Ages of the Russian Art exhibition and The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch Informational and Educational Centre
25.09.2006 - 28.09.2006
Samara, the Samara Regional Art Museum
The New Trends in the Field of Educational Activity of the Museum International Scientific and Practical Seminar, organized by the Art Museums of Russia Department of the State Russian Museum together with the Foundation for Contribution to the Development of Culture and Art of Central and Eastern Europe (the USA)
St Michael's (Engineers) Castle, Lecture-Hall
Open day for the audience of the Lecture-Hall and all the comers. New cycles, meetings with the leading curators of the State Russian Museum.
Benois Wing
Opening of the Alexei Savrasov.1830-1897 exhibition

Opening of the Speaking with Hands exhibition. Photographs from the collection of Henry Buhl
Summer Garden, Coffee House
Opening of the Alexander Benois di Stetto. Genevan Period exhibition
06.09.2006 - 11.06.2006
The State Russian Museum contributes to the 19th International Book Fairy
Marble Palace
Opening of the "Alexandrinsky Theatre. The Theatre of Renowned Masters" exhibition
Benois Wing
Opening of the Pavel Filonov. Witness of the Unseen.
Marble Palace
Opening of the Arkady Plastov exhibition
Mikhailovsky Garden
Symphonic Miniatures concert from the Music of the Mikhailovsky Garden cycle.
St Michael's Castle
Opening of the Forgotten Russia (Projects and Models of Monuments from the Russian Museum Collection) exhibition
St Michael's Castle
Famous Vocal Masters concert within the framework of the Palaces of St Petersburg 14th International Music Festival
Stroganov Palace
Opening of the Alexander N. Pavlov exhibition
St Michael's Castle
Opening of the Foreign Artists of Russia. 18th - First Half of the 19th Century permanent exhibition
19.06.2006 - 20.06.2006
St Michael's Castle, Lecture Hall
Conference on results of scientific and research work of the Museum of 2005 dedicated to thr 100th birth anniversary of A. N. Savinov
Institute of Philological Research, St Petersburg State University
Information Technologies as Means of Management and Steady Development of Museums video conference, dedicated to the discussion of modern approaches to using information technologies in the development of museums and their promotion in the field of educational and tourist services. Employees of The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch Saratov, Ekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod centres, lectures of Tomsk higher educational establishments, representatives of the British Council in Macedonia and Centre of Distance Learning of the National Academy of State Management at the President of Ukraine took part in the video conference.
Marble Palace
Opening of the Essence of Life Art. Graphic Art of Conceptual Artists of Russia and Eastern Europe (from artist's studios: Slovenia, Lyublyana) exhibition
13.06.2006 - 24.06.2006
St Michael's (Engineers) Castle, Department of art museum of Russia
Basis of the museum business and modern computer technologies in the museum. Museum practice of students of humanitarian faculties of the Krasnoyarsk State Technical University and South-Ural State University
Marble Palace
Ceremony on the occasion of the return of Pavel Filonov's Heads (1924-25) drawing to the State Russian Museum
Coffee House, Summer Garden
Opening of the A. Morozov Silhouettes of the Past exhibition
01.06.2006 - 02.06.2006
Marble Palace
International Round Table on the creation of information and educational centres by the example of the Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch project
Summer Garden
Round Dance of Friends children's festival on the occasion of International Day of Protection of Children
Mikhailovsky Palace
Ceremony of presenting children with special needs with motor transport, acquired at the money from St Petersburg budget
St Michael's (Engineers) Castle
Final of the Russian Princess competition
Summer Garden
Ceremonial opening of the Music of the Summer Garden programme
22.05.2006 - 29.05.2006
All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Moscow
The eighth INTERMUSEUM-2006 All-Russian museum festival
Mikhailovsky Palace
Introduction of the I. Kramskoy Portrait of a Peasant painting which was lost during the Great Patriotic War to the museum exhibition
State Hermitage, Hermitage Theatre
International Museum Day. Awarding veterans of the museum school
Gatchina, the Informational and Educational Centre educational establishment
Opening of the Russian Museum: Virtual Branch informational and educational center
Marble Palace
Opening of the Alexandra Vertinskaya Visual Archive exhibition (Photography, Silkscreen)
12.05.2006 - 13.05.2006
Mikhailovsky Gaderns
Within the frameworks of the Flowers in the Garden cultural and educational programme: Crocuses Bloom in Mikhailovsky Gardens
Stroganov Palace
Opening of the Natalia Grigoryeva. Painting and Graphic Art exhibition
Summer Garden, Summer Palace
Opening of the Summer Palace permanent exhibition
Summer Garden
The Song in a Soldier Overcoat theatrical festival dedicated to the Victory Day
Summer Garden, Coffee House
Opening of the Anatoly Larionov Petersburg Suite exhibition (Photography)
Benois Wing
Opening of the Times of Change (Soviet Art of 1960-85) exhibition
26.04.2006 - 27.04.2006
St Michael's (Engineers) Castle
Problems of Saving and Restoration of Exhibits in an Art Museum scientific and practical seminar
17.04.2006 - 27.04.2006
St Michael's (Engineers) Castle
Porcelain and Ceramics in an Art Museum. Studying, Recording, Saving and Restoration scientific and practical seminar for curators and restorers of art museums of Russia
Benois Wing
2 pm. Round table: A Collage in Russia is More than a Collage
Benois wing
Opening of the St Nicholas of Myra exhibition
Mikhailovsky Gardens
Transplanting of large trees using unique technologies
Comi State Pedagogical Institute, Syktyvkar
Opening of the Russian Museum: Virtual Branch informational and educational center
Hall of the State Council, Mikhailovsky Palace, the State Russian Museum
St Petersburg, the Russian Museum - Syktivkar videoconference
Latvia Academy of Arts, Latvia, Riga
Within the framework of the St Petersburg Days in Riga project (March 23 - 26) Presentation of the Russian Museum: Virtual Branch informational and educational center
St Michael′s Castle, Lecture Hall
Summing up the results of the 1st round of the Russian Museum in Palaces and Internet Internet contest
Summer Garden, Coffee House
Opening of the Anatoly Gromov′s Magic of Light exhibition
Marble Palace, Marble Hall
Opening of the Lucio Fontana. Master of European Art exhibition
Marble Palace
Opening of the Anastasia Khoroshilova exhibition
Marble Palace
Opening of the Russian Trophy exhibition
Marble Palace
Master-class on the Andy Warhol: Artist of Modern Life exhibition