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Music of the Summer Garden

Military brass bands accompanied by the museum officials will solemnly march from the Mikhailovsky Garden to the Summer Garden. Official opening ceremony of the jubilee music season will star on the main concert stage by the Karpiev Pond. After the welcoming speeches by the city leaders, leaders of the Russian Museum and of Sberbank, the official sponsor of the the Summer Garden tercentenary celebrations, bands move to their venues.

The concert programme consists of two parts, 40 minutes each, and will take place on three stages simultaneously:

  • main concert stage by the Karpiev Pond - the Headquarters of the Leningrad Military District Orchestra (classical music)
  • concert stage by the Rossi Wing (the Coffee House) - Military Academy of Rear Services and Transport Orchestra (marches)
  • concert stage by the Porphyry vases (the mooring line at the Lebazhya Kanavka) - Petersburg Cadet Rocket and Artillery School orchestra (dance music)