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Shvartsman heritage ART FOUNDATION, aimed at research and popularization of the oeuvre of the outstanding Russian artist, was founded in 2006 with the support of the Russian Museum.

    The main lines of the activities of the Foundation:
  • academic research
  • popularization of Mikhail Shvartsman's heritage
  • protection of Mikhail Shvartsman's copyrights

The legendary figure of the 1960s - 90s Mikhail Shvartsman is an artist who practically did not sell his works during his lifetime. The oeuvre of this legendary and prophetic artist has no analogues.

Shvartsman called his works Hieratures, treating them as the language of art of the future and the origin of a new lofty style.

Edition "Mikhail Shvartsman",
(part 1, pages 1 - 72), (part 2, pages 74 - 256), (part 3, pages 258 - 354), (part 4, pages 356 - 386), (part 5, pages 388 - 416), (part 6, pages 418 - 441), (part 7, pages 442 - 484)

Works from the Mikhail Shvartsman Foundation