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Folk Art
St Petersburg: Palace Editions, 2007
132 pages; 298 colour illustrations
Format: 24.5 У 23 cm; Russian

The first publication represents extensively the exhibition of the folk art from the Russian Museum collection. The guidebook introduces the exhibits, representing the history of development of the Russian folk art for almost four centuries - since the 17th to the 21st centuries, presented in 12 rooms of the Rossi Wing . It introduces the most typical and significant artworks and the art centres as well as unique items from the museum collection.

The Russian Museum. A Guidebook
St Petersburg: Palace Editions, 2007
160 pages; 389 colour illustrations
Format: 32 У 25 cm; Russian

This publication acquaints not only with the permanent exhibition of the museum housed in the Mikhailovsky Palace and in the Benois Wing, but also it briefly represents the permanent exhibition of the Marble Palace v The Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum. Besides, the publication contains the historical information on the palaces included in the museum complex. It contains the chapters: «The History of the Russian Museum», «The Collection of the Russian Museum», «Palaces and Parks of the Russian Museum». The texts are accompanied by photographs from the museum archive, reproductions of the best and the most typical artworks from different periods, presented on a permanent exhibition, with brief catalogue data, photographs of palaces and interiors of the rooms as well as the Summer Garden. In «The Collection» chapter the material is arranged in chronological order and it allows to trace the history of development of the Russian fine art, of all kinds and genres from the 10th to 20th centuries.