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Michael Franke. Kosmogonia
Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2003
28 pages; 2 coloured illustrations and 7 black-and-white illustrations
Format: 24 У 30 cm; Russian/ German/ English
Michael Franke is a young artist from Germany whose works reflect a contemplative and meditative perception of the world. The publication contains an article on Franke's creative method, catalogue of works, short biography, list of exhibitions and bibliography.
Sound Games of Vladimir Tarasov
Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2003
32 pages; 28 coloured illustrations; 4 coloured and 2 black-and-white photographs
Format: 28 У 21 cm; Russian/ English

A leading Russian jazz musician and artist, Vladimir Tarasov is one of the most excite members of the modern avant-garde movement. This publication accompanied his exhibition of eight sound installations at the Russian Museum. Articles by Russian art critics are accompanied by excerpts from an interview with the artist, quotations from Ilia Kabakov and Vladimir Tarasov's book "Music on Water", coloured photographs of joint projects with Kabakov and a short biography.

Fidelio Bruni. The Brazen Serpent. Restoration
Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2003
6 pages; 28 coloured illustrations
Format: 10 У 21 cm; Russian
This booklet describes the painting and restoration of Fidelio Bruni's "The Brazen Serpent", the largest canvas in the collection of the Russian Museum. St Petersburg tercentenary event.